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School of Hospitality Business Management

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School of Hospitality Business Management
Todd Hall 342

Director and W. Terry Umbreit Distinguished Professor, N. Swanger; Taco Bell Distinguished Professor, D. Gursoy; Craig Schafer Fellow, H. J. Kim; Professor, R. Harrington; Associate Professors, M. Chen, C. Chi; Assistant Clinical Professors, M. Beattie, R. Hammond, J. Harbour, B. Marlowe, J. Sandstrom, F. Zach; Instructor, K. Carper, W. Maynard; Culver Hospitality Relations Manager, T. Thompson; Executive Chef and Catering Services Manager, J. Callison; Professor Emeritus, W. Terry Umbreit.

An integral part of the Carson College of Business, the school provides specialized instruction dealing with the major organizational, managerial, financial, and technical issues relative to operation of hospitality businesses. The school prepares graduates for managerial responsibilities both here and abroad. The curriculum provides a sound business education on the fundamental features in various segments within the industry. It includes courses in general education, business, and hospitality management. The program of study leads to a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management, with a major in either hospitality business management or wine business management.

Student Learning Outcomes

The School of Hospitality Business Management will produce graduates who:

  1. Complete their 1000-hour industry requirement, earning employer evaluation scores of 80% or higher.
  2. Apply qualitative and quantitative hospitality business skills to solve problems.
  3. Identify service gaps and propose solutions for service recovery, while considering multiple stakeholders.
  4. As members of a team, through a group project, evaluate a hotel’s position and present acceptable findings and/or solutions considering the implications for multiple stakeholders.
  5. Gain deeper understanding of different cultures and business operations from these cultures, preferably through studying abroad.

International Experience Requirement (IER)

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing the IER, students should be able to:

  • Appreciate differences in the external environmental factors that affect global business
  • Identify the specific elements of the cultural environment that affect global business decisions
  • Evaluate the implications of the external environmental factors on global business decisions
  • Incorporate global economic, political and cultural factors when making global business recommendations

Students can satisfy the IER requirements by completing one of the following:

  1. Study abroad for 6 or more credit hours. Two smaller study abroad programs may be cumulated to meet the entire 6 credit-hour requirement. International students in the Carson College of Business (not including WSU Global students) will meet their study abroad requirement through their study in the United States.
  2. Complete a major or minor in a foreign language.
  3. Students that demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language (e.g., STAMP test) will be deemed to have met the Carson College of Business International Experience Requirement. [Honors College students that meet their demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language will also be deemed to have met the Carson College of Business IER.]
  4. Complete a minimum of one year of international experience in any of the following areas: military service, Peace Corps, Volunteer work with an organization, missionary work, or other.  Documentation must be submitted to the student's academic advisor for approval.
  5. Complete two of the following:
    1. The Global Leadership Certificate or other certificate with a major international component (e.g. The East Asia Program) as approved by the administrative head of the Department of Marketing and International Business.
    2. A brief study abroad program of at least 3 credit hours.
    3. An “international non-business course”. Approved courses include: AMDT 413; ANTH 301, 306, 307, 309, 312, 316, 317, 320, 330, 350, 370, 405, 417, 418, 450, 469; ARCH 428; ASIA 302, 315, 373, 374, 477, 479; BIOLOGY 401; CES 301, 325, 372, 377, 379, 380, 401, 405, 421, 426, 470; COMSOC 321; CRM J 405; CROPS SCI 360; ECONS 427, 428, 430, 433, 453; ENGLISH 373, 410, 457; ENVR SCI 410; FINE ART 331; FOR LANG 410; GEOLOGY 390; H D 350, 403; HISTORY 331, 373, 374, 436, 464, 466, 473, 477, 479, 491, 492, 494, 495; HUMANITY 350; NATRS 300, 312; PHIL 314, 315; POL S 314, 424, 427, 435; RUSSIAN 410; SOC 331, 332, 375, 415; SOIL SCI 360; TCH LRN 480, 487; WOMEN ST 316, 332, 340, 406.
    4. An approved 300-400-level “international business or economics course”. Approved courses include: ACCTG 420; ECONS 327; I BUS 415, 416, 435, 453, 470, 482, 496; MIS 441.
    5. At least 3 credits in a foreign language. Approved courses include: CHINESE 101, 102, 203; FRENCH 101, 102, 203; GERMAN 101, 102, 203; ITALIAN 101, 102; JAPANESE 101, 102, 203; LATIN 101, 102; RUSSIAN 101, 102, 203; SPANISH 101, 102, 203; or as approved by advisor. Sign Language is not an approved foreign language to satisfy this requirement.
    6. An international internship approved by the Department of Marketing and International Business (maximum of 3 credit hours).
    7. An accepted petition to the Department of Marketing and International Business to allow the use of extensive international travel experiences at the collegiate or corporate level for up to 3 credit hours towards the International Experience Requirement. Although petitions must be approved prior to the international travel, exceptional cases can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Normally such an experience will be at least three months in duration.
    8. A University course research project with an international business research focus that is a significant part of the course learning component, and that constitutes 40% or more of the class. The petition for allowing a project work to count towards the International Experience Requirement should be signed off by the course instructor, and the final approval will be made by the Department of Marketing and International Business for Pullman based students, and an IBUS Fellow or Area Director for urban campus students. *
    9. Participate as finalists in an international or global case competition (e.g., Global Case Competition conducted by WSU International Programs). The determination of whether a case competition can be counted towards the International Experience Requirement will be made through a petition to the Department of Marketing and International Business. Although only final round participants can be considered, exceptional cases that did not make it to the final round can also be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Marketing and International Business, which will make the final approval.

* Students also need to obtain pre-approval from course instructor prior to start of project work on the petition form that is available with advisors at the respective campus locations.

Transfer Students

A student planning to transfer to hospitality business management from a two-year program should have made appropriate academic progress before transferring. In addition, transfer students will also need to complete the 1000-hour industry experience requirement (400 hours for minors), so any such documented experience, post-high school, is very beneficial.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the University requirements for graduation listed in the Summary of Academic Policies section of the WSU Catalog, to graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management, students must also meet the Carson College of Business requirements and major requirements listed in the Schedules of Studies section.


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