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Global Leadership Certificate

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Global Leadership Certificate

Academic Engagement and Student Achievement offers the Global Leadership Certificate, in partnership with the Office of International Programs.  The Global Leadership Certificate is structured around coursework and co-curricular experiences that empower students to analyze, adapt, communicate, problem-solve, and empathize in a variety of professional and personal networks.  Taken together, the academic and co-curricular components build self-reliance, leadership and team skills in a global framework. 

Requirements for the Global Leadership Certificate (4 sections, 15 credits total):

1) Four (4) Courses (12 credits)
A minimum of four globally-related courses (twelve credits) may be applied to fulfill the academic coursework requirement for the Global Leadership Certificate.  At least six credits must be taken at the 300-400 level.  Approved courses include but are not limited to ANTH 203, 316, 418, ART 202, COM 105, 321, ECONS 101, I BUS 380, POL S 103, 427, SOE 110, WGSS 332; or as approved by advisor.  Courses taken during an education abroad experience may also be applied, as well as up to four credit hours of foreign language at or above the 200 level.

2) Leadership in a Global Context (1 credit, UNIV 497)
All students will complete the section of UNIV 497, Peer Leadership, specifically designed to fulfill requirements for the Global Leadership Certificate.

3)Experiential Learning (1 credit; UNIV 493)
Experiential global learning may occur “at home or abroad.” This course enables students to develop skills to extend and apply that learning to enhance global self-awareness, intercultural competency, and professional preparation.

4)  Integrative Capstone (1 credit, UNIV 491)
Completion of the Integrative Capstone course enables the student to plan and design a project that advances their global leadership knowledge, experiences, and skills.

For additional information, contact the department of Global Learning in the Office of International Programs.

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