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Science & Engineering Building (VSCI), Room 130

Academic Director, Professor P. Narayanan; Professor, A. MacLean

Science & Engineering Building (VSCI), Room 130 

Sociology is the scientific study of social life. The fundamental insight of the discipline is that the social matters; our lives are affected by not only our personal psychology, but by our place in the social world.

Courses in sociology are designed to provide students with an understanding of what makes people and groups of people behave the way they do. The sociology curriculum covers a wide range of issues from inequality to human ecology, from deviance to religion, from medicine to politics. Few fields offer students (and researchers) opportunities of such breadth. The course of study for majors is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of individual interests. Some knowledge of sociology is widely regarded as a useful supplement to the course work in most fields.

A major or minor in Sociology provides preparation for careers in a variety of occupations, including public relations, teaching, government, social service agencies, and industry. Students will also be equipped with the necessary tools for understanding, evaluating, and conducting social research.

Sociology Requirements
A Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology requires a minimum of 31 credit hours of sociology coursework in which students must maintain a C average. The 31 credit hours include five core courses, five additional sociology electives, and 24 credit hours in related fields, half of which must be in 300-400 level courses. Related field courses enable students to individualize their programs of study to best meet their academic and career goals. Students select related field courses from a departmentally approved list and in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Required Core Courses
The following courses are required of all majors: Soc 101, *Soc 317 [M], and Soc 321, and one of the following "capstone experience" courses: Soc 495 [M], Soc 496 [M], or Soc 497 [M].

* Will substitute Soc 320 until Soc 317 is offered on the Vancouver campus.

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