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Academic Director: Pavithra Narayanan, Ph.D.; Academic Coordinator: Aaron Whelchel, Ph.D.; Faculty: Peter Boag, Ph.D; Andra Chastain, Ph.D.; Steve Fountain, Ph.D.; Luz-MarĂ­a Gordillo; Laurie Mercier, Ph.D.; Sue Peabody, Ph.D.; Xiuyu Wang, Ph.D.; Aaron Whelchel, Ph.D.

The WSU Vancouver History Program offers courses of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in History, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, and Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities. Offerings in the field of history may be classified as United States, European and/or Global (e.g. Asian, Latin American, African) histories. 

The Department of History's Batchelor of Arts in History Degree Program is designed to produce several outcomes. We expect students who complete the requirements for an undergraduate major in History to: 1) express sophisticated and abstract concepts clearly in writing; 2) be familiar with the nature of historical argument and methodologies; 3) frame research topics and do research at an appropriate undergraduate level; 4) have a mastery of the broad outlines of historical developments, themes, issues, and patterns; 5) develop critical thinking skills that will allow and encourage them to become life-long learners. 

A major in history can be used in government service, public history (e.g. museums, park service, historic preservation, archives, cultural resource management), teaching, business and industry, and many other fields. It can also be used in preparation for study of the law, the ministry, archival work, and librarianship. Double majors or complementary minors combining history with other fields are easily arranged. 



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