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Fine Arts

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Fine Arts
Multimedia Classroom Building (VMMC 102)

Academic Director: Pavithra Narayanan, PhD; Associate Professors: Avantika Bawa, MFA, Harrison Higgs, MFA; Lecturer: Nanette Thrush, PhD; Academic Coordinator: Ted Fordyce, MA

Fine arts can be used as a primary or secondary concentration for students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities.

The Fine Arts program cultivates creativity, individual growth, and meaningful expression from its students. The curriculum is grounded in interdisciplinary approaches to the practice of art and the study of visual culture. At WSU students have the opportunity to put their ideas into form while becoming visually literate, historically grounded, and familiar with the diversity of arts and cultures worldwide.

The Fine Arts program fosters students' abilities in a number of mediums, in response to the world in which they live. Through hands-on assignments, students develop creative problem-solving skills where integration of cultural, historical and conceptual issues are explored. Students are encouraged to develop ideas and aesthetic expression in light of contemporary issues and practices.

The Fine Arts minor is an excellent complement to any area of study, connecting ideas through an open-inquiry approach to the large universe. 

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