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Science & Engineering Building (VSCI), Room 130

Academic Director: Amy Wharton, Ph.D.; Academic Coordinators: Debra Wilmington; Emily Earhart; Faculty: Michael Berger, Ph.D.; John Bishop, Ph.D.; Stephen M. Bollens, Ph.D.; Cynthia Cooper, Ph.D; Jonah Piovia-Scott, Ph.D.; Stephanie Porter, Ph.D.; Christine Portfors, Ph.D.; Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Ph.D.; Cheryl Schultz, Ph.D.

The Bachelor of Science in Biology at WSU Vancouver emphasizes biological principles that range in scope from molecules to complex ecosystems. The program integrates the study of biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, physiology, ecology, and evolution to provide students with a solid foundation in the biological sciences. Vancouver students, please proceed to the Science Programs Website for the degree plan in this major:

The program allows students to specialize in such areas as genetics and molecular biology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. It emphasizes laboratory and field research that takes advantage of southwest Washington's diverse opportunities in the biological sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Biology can be used to prepare for careers in biological research, biotechnology, medical research, and environmental and natural resource science; as preparation for teaching at the high school level; and as a foundation for entry into health profession programs and graduate study in the biosciences.

The School of Biological Sciences also offers a minor in zoology, which is available to non-biology majors. The zoology minor provides a broad foundation in zoology and would be of interest to students seeking a well-rounded background for further professional studies such as graduate or veterinary school. Psychology, anatomical, and behavioral studies of animals are emphasized in this option.

Non-science majors may wish to pursue a minor in biology. This minor may be appropriate for students wishing to apply to pre-health professional programs, as it would allow a student to complete prerequisite courses for admission to those advanced degrees. A student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology may not pursue a minor in biology.



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