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Washington State University and its various colleges reserve the right to change the rules regulating admission to, instruction in, and graduation from Washington State University and any other regulations affecting the student body. Such regulations shall go into effect whenever the proper authorities may determine and shall apply to prospective students and to those who may at that time be enrolled.

Enrollment, Registration, Dropping Courses, and Withdrawals


An undergraduate or professional student may withdraw from a course after the 30th day of the regular term up through the end of the 13th week with these provisions:
(a) At the end of each term, the number of withdrawals will be counted for undergraduate and professional students.  Once four withdrawals have been used, no further withdrawals will be allowed in subsequent terms. Withdrawals that result from the cancellation of enrollment will not be counted.
(b) After the withdrawal limit is reached, an undergraduate or professional student may, in exceptional circumstances, submit a petition through the Registrar’s Office for an exception to the withdrawal limit. See Rule 57.
(c) If a grade has been entered for a course, the grade may not be changed to a withdrawal without the instructor’s consent.
(d) Withdrawals do not reduce tuition charges. 
(e) For academic calendars that vary from the regular 15-week term, a prorated schedule will be used to determine the withdrawal deadline.
(f) The grade shall be marked W, and payment of the service fee shall be mandatory.
Graduate students who wish to request a course withdrawal after the 30th day must do so through the Graduate School.
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