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The online catalog includes the most recent changes to courses and degree requirements that have been approved by the Faculty Senate, including changes that are not yet effective.


The online catalog includes the most recent changes to courses and degree requirements that have been approved by the Faculty Senate, including changes that are not yet effective. Courses showing two entries of the same number indicate that the course information is changing. The most recently approved version is shown first, followed by the older version, in gray, with its last-effective term preceding the course title. Courses shown in gray with only one entry of the course number are being discontinued. Course offerings by term can be accessed by clicking on the term links when viewing a specific campus catalog.

Anthropology (ANTH)

Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Fall 2018 

101 [DIVR] General Anthropology 3 Major subfields of anthropology; physical (human evolution and race), cultural-social, archaeology, and linguistics.

203 [DIVR] Global Cultural Diversity 3 Introduction to the field of cultural anthropology; examination of how cultures vary and are similar.

230 Archaeological Methods and Interpretation 3 Archaeological fieldwork methods; lab-based analysis of archaeological materials as applied to reconstructing past human lifeways.

260 [BSCI] Introduction to Biological Anthropology 4 (3-3) Evidence for human evolution; evolutionary explanations of human variation; techniques of biological anthropology.

268 [BSCI] Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature 3 Human sexuality, male-female relations, cooperation, violence and parent-child relations examined cross-culturally and in nonhuman primates utilizing evolutionary and biocultural perspectives. (Formerly ANTH 468.)

302 [SSCI] Childhood and Culture 3 Anthropological theory and methods applied to the study of infant, child, and adolescent development.

309 [SSCI] Cultural Ecology 3 Major findings of ecological anthropology relating to problems of population, resources, and environment in small-scale cultures. Recommended preparation: Sophomore standing, ANTH 101 or 203.

316 [DIVR] Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective 3 Cross-cultural examination of the status and roles of women and men, sexuality and marriage, and folk concepts of sexual anatomy in traditional cultures in Western science; concepts of nature and culture are explored through a variety of perspectives. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 316, WOMEN ST 316). Recommended preparation: Sophomore standing; ANTH 101, PSYCH 105, SOC 101, or WOMEN ST 101 or 201.

317 Global Feminisms 3 Course Prerequisite: ANTH 101, WOMEN ST 101, or WOMEN ST 201. An interdisciplinary approach to examining women's roles and experiences throughout the world and different approaches to feminism/feminisms. (Crosslisted course offered as WOMEN ST 332, ANTH 317).

320 [DIVR] Native Peoples of North America 3 A holistic exploration of various indigenous peoples and cultures of North America, through the lens of anthropology. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 320, CES 377).

320 (Effective through Summer 2018) Native Peoples of North America 3 A culture history/culture area study of native North America. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 320, CES 377).

327 [DIVR] Contemporary Native Peoples of the Americas 3 Contemporary cultures of Native American communities emphasizing North America. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 327, CES 378). Recommended preparation: ANTH 101 or CES 171.

330 Origins of Culture and Civilization 3 Prehistoric roots of culture from the beginnings of humankind to the rise of the first civilizations in Africa and Eurasia. Recommended preparation: 3 hours ANTH.

331 [SSCI] Archaeology of the Americas 3 Cultures and environments of the Americas from the arrival of the earliest hunter-gatherers to the development of complex civilizations. Recommended preparation: ANTH 101.

350 [DIVR] Speech, Thought, and Culture 3 The role of language in social situations and as a reflection of cultural differences. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 350, FOR LANG 350).

390 [M] History of Anthropological Thought 3 Course Prerequisite: ANTH 203; ANTH 230; ANTH 260. Development of theories in anthropology including contributions of significant individuals, representative classics and influential current movements. Recommended preparation: Junior standing.

395 Topics in Anthropology V 3-6 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 6 hours. Examination of selected topics in contemporary anthropological theory and practice. Recommended preparation: Junior standing.

404 [CAPS] The Self in Culture 3 Course Prerequisite: One course at the 100-level and one course at the 200-level in any of the following subjects: AMER ST, ANTH, CES, COM, ENGLISH, FINE ART, H D, HISTORY, HUMANITY, PHIL, POL S, PSYCH, SOC, or WOMEN ST; junior standing. Survey of anthropological theories exploring self in Western/non-Western cultures through dreams, history, and human development.

405 Medical Anthropology 3 Relationships among disease, curing, culture and environment; non-Western medical systems; political economy of health care. Recommended preparation: Junior standing.

410 History of American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law 3 The history of sovereignty and Federal Indian Law against the backdrop of treaties and trust responsibility. (Crosslisted course offered as HISTORY 410, ANTH 410, POL S 410).

417 Anthropology and World Problems 3 Data and methods of cultural anthropology applied to the solution of contemporary human problems, emphasizing sustainable development. Recommended preparation: 3 hours ANTH; junior standing.

418 Human Issues in International Development 3 Interdisciplinary analysis of complex interaction between tradition and modernity in Third World societies. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 418, POL S 418, SOC 418).

473 [CAPS] [M] Evolution and Society 3 Course Prerequisite: ANTH 260 or BIOLOGY 301; junior standing. Survey of how the theory of evolution is used to better understand ourselves, the societies in which live, and the biological world on which we depend. Recommended preparation: BIOLOGY 405 or concurrent enrollment. (Crosslisted course offered as BIOLOGY 473, ANTH 473).

498 Anthropology Internship V 1-15 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 15 hours. Course Prerequisite: By instructor permission. Participation as archaeological or cultural anthropological intern in public or private sectors; requires special arrangement with faculty advisor. S, F grading.

499 Special Problems V 1-4 May be repeated for credit. Independent study conducted under the jurisdiction of an approving faculty member; may include independent research studies in technical or specialized problems; selection and analysis of specified readings; development of a creative project; or field experiences. S, F grading.

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