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Students may apply for the minor in Neuroscience once they have completed 60 credits and have a 2.5 GPA. However, they may take minor coursework at any time as long as they meet the prerequisites. The minor in Neuroscience requires 16 credits with at least 13 credits at or above the 300-level. Credits for the minor must include a minimum of  9 credits of upper-division work taken in residence at WSU or through WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses.


Courses needed to satisfy the minor must include NEUROSCI 301; three credits selected from NEUROSCI 305, 333, or  409; at least six credits selected from the following: NEUROSCI 403, 404, and 430; and a minimum of three credits of neuroscience related elective coursework. Approved Neuroscience electives include: BIOLOGY 301, 315, 321, 340, 352, 353, 354, 438, 456; MATH 340; MBIOS 304, 305, 401, 404, 413; NEUROSCI 305, 325, 326, 333, 409; PSYCH 265, 312, 333, 350, 361, 384, 464, 470, 490, 491; PHYSICS 466; VET PH 308. Upon the approval of the student's advisor, a student with a minor in neuroscience may include 500-level courses in the minor program, provided the student meets the graduate study requirements and, prior to registration, obtains the consent of the faculty Neuroscience minor. Courses may not be used to fulfill more than one requirement for the minor.

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