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Film Studies

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Film Studies

The Film Studies Minor introduces students to the critical study of cinema.  It explores how cinema both reflects and influences the facts, ideas, and activities of any given society, and how film allows us to travel to most places in the world and become familiar with diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking.  The film studies minor also teaches students how to discern the cinematic and narrative features that are used in cinematography and how culture can influence them. The study of film encourages critical thinking, respect for cultural diversity, and detailed knowledge of film as a text of facts and ideas. 


The minor’s program of studies is designed by the student in collaboration with the coordinator and /or the advisor.  A minimum of 18 credits is required and must include 9 hours of upper-division work. Two core courses (6 credits) are required providing the foundation for the study of film based in the Humanities and constitute an introduction to the various disciplines in which film analysis is anchored: FOR LANG 110; and one from PHIL 210, SOC 372, or DTC 208.


An additional 12 elective credits offering a multidisciplinary approach to film studies and foster analysis from various perspectives: historical, philosophical, social, and cultural are required. Some courses offer a global perspective on cinema by focusing on the cinematic production of a specific country or geographical area.


Approved courses include CES 222, 338, 358, 379, CHINESE/ASIA/JAPANESE 111, CHINESE 311, CRM J/POL S 381, DTC 354, 355, 491, ENGLISH 339, 340, FRENCH 110, 310, 410, GERMAN 110, 310, HISTORY 320, RUSSIAN 410, SPANISH 110, 111, 310, 311, and WGSS 340. No more than two courses with the same subject (or content, as in cross-listed courses) may be applied towards the minor. All core courses must be taken at WSU. After consultation with the film studies coordinator or advisor, two elective courses may be transferred to the film studies minor from accredited study abroad and other university/college programs.  Courses counting toward the Film Studies minor may not be counted toward a major or minor in a language, unless approved by the film studies coordinator or advisor.


Learning Goals  

  • To enhance knowledge of the history of film
  • To emphasize analysis of film in an interdisciplinary manner (through arts, architecture, literature, history, philosophy, and language) that broadens and enhances critical thought
  • To enhance the perception of and respect for the diversity of cultures in this country and around the world as exposed through this medium
  • To enhance technical understanding of film
  • To enhance understanding of the societal and cultural roles and impact of film


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