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Workplace Diversity

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Workplace Diversity

Faculty coordinator: Dr. Sarah Whitley 
Wilson 204
Pullman, WA 99164-4020
The Minor in Workplace Diversity program is designed specifically for students and/or professionals with the aim of preparing them for increasingly diverse and global workplaces. It increases their intercultural understanding and skills, as well as provides evidence of those skills (in the form of an academic minor) to prospective or current employers. Given the possibility of following a number of profession-specific tracks, the program is useful for individuals across majors or disciplines who are or expect to be in management positions, or work with diverse colleagues, clients, customers, patients, or students.
The intent of this minor is to broaden and enhance knowledge and/or incorporate additional skills in the student’s academic preparation. The minor’s program of studies is designed by the student in collaboration with the coordinator and /or the advisor.  Students may be admitted after completing 60 credits and/or admission into a major. A minimum of 18 credits is required and must include 9 credits of upper-division work taken in residence at WSU or through WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses. All core courses must be taken at WSU. Not counting the SOC 341 course, no more than two courses with the same subject (or content, as in cross-listed courses) may be applied towards the minor. A maximum of 3 internship credits may count towards the minor’s electives, if approved by coordinator. For a selection of suggested electives, please consult with the minors’ faculty coordinator or the academic advisor for the Department of Sociology.

Program of Study

Core Courses (12 credits): 
  • SOC 341
  • PHIL 360
  • ANTH 203, CES 101 or WGSS 101 
  • SOC 340 or CES 301

Electives (6 credits) to be selected in collaboration with program director from: ANTH 316; ANTH/POL S/SOC 418; CES 244, 301, 440, 446; COMSOC 321, 421; MGMT 315; PHIL 365 ; POL S 305, 432; PSYCH 309; SOC 334, 390; WGSS 385, 406.


Learning Goals


After completing the Workplace Diversity Minor Program, students will be able to:

  • Recognize how behavior and perspective are shaped by social structural factors such as economics, power, and institutionalized discrimination.
  • Assess how their own and others’ cultural identity, filters and behaviors impact the work environment.
  • Respond to bias in a proactive and transformational way.
  • Utilize strategies to value and bridge differences among, and work more effectively with, people who differ from one another according to a wide variety of attributes.
  • Demonstrate behaviors that contribute to a welcoming and respectful workplace.


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