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Architecture (Pre-professional Program)

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Architecture (Pre-professional Program) (31 Hours)

General Requirements - BS in Architectural Studies

1. Due to limitations of space and faculty, enrollment in second-year courses and certification as a major in architecture can be granted to only the most qualified students. Prospective applicants for these programs are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the School of Design and Construction’s requirements and procedures.

2. Students who wish to transfer from another institution may find it possible to transfer University Common Requirement (UCORE) course work from these institutions. While this may reduce the amount of time required at WSU to complete UCORE requirements, it is very difficult to transfer appropriate architecture course work to compress the four-year time period. Please consult the WSU Transfer Guide and contact the School of Design and Construction for information regarding transfer requirements.

3. Transfer students and former WSU students must submit an application for admission to the university, a supplemental application, and current academic records to the School by the dates listed in this catalog.

4. Students wishing to transfer from another institution into the second, third, or fourth year of architecture must submit a portfolio in order for the School to evaluate their potential for success in the program. Contact the School for portfolio requirements.

5. A student may not enroll in 300- or 400-level ARCH courses without being certified in architecture.

6. A student may not take courses required by the School on a pass, fail basis.

7. Third-year, fourth-year, and graduate students will be required to participate in one short off-campus study tour each year.

8. All students admitted into the second year will be required to purchase laptop computers. Please contact the School for details and specifications.

Students who enter WSU and have an interest in architecture should contact the academic coordinator for specific advising.
First Year
First TermHours
Fine Arts Elective13
Humanities [HUM]3
SDC 100 [ARTS]3
SDC 1203
Second TermHours
Diversity [DIVR]3
MATH 171 [QUAN]24
SDC 1403
Social Sciences [SSCI]3

1Any FINE ART course.
2Students who are not adequately prepared for MATH 171 should take MATH 106 and 108 as needed during their first year. All freshmen must take the math placement exam.

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