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Mathematics (120 Credits)

Mathematics Major Core Requirements

In addition to the UCORE requirements and the College of Arts and Sciences requirements, a mathematics major is required to take MATH 171, 172 (or 182), 220 (or 230), 273 (or 283), 300, 301, 315, 360 (or 443), 398, 401, 402, 420, 421, four additional 300-400 level MATH courses specified by a chosen option, CPT S 121 or 251, PHYSICS 201, and ENGLISH 402 (or 403 for non-native English speakers). These core courses are required for all mathematics major options, except the Secondary Mathematics Teaching Option, where CPT S 121 or 251, MATH 402 and 420 are not required. MATH 216, 303, and 330 are required; ENGLISH 201 (or 301) is required instead of 402; and MATH 320 may be substituted for 421. Courses required for the major may not be taken pass/fail, and a 2.0 minimum GPA is required.


1. Applications for certification are accepted at any time during fall and spring semesters. Decisions are made within ten working days of receipt of application. Application forms are available in the Mathematics Department office.

2. Applications are evaluated, and certification decided, by a faculty committee.

3. Applicants must have an overall gpa of at least 2.0.

4. The mathematics core consists of MATH 171, 172, and 220. This core (or its equivalent for transfer students) must be completed before application.

5. Students with at least a 2.5 gpa in the mathematics core will be certified automatically. Those with less than a 2.0 gpa in the mathematics core will normally not be certified. Others will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

6. Appeals on certification decisions are considered by the department chairperson.

7. Students who are denied certification may reapply after completing at least 12 more semester hours, whereupon decisions are based on grades in mathematics, science, and computer science courses; cumulative grade point average and grade patterns; and a personal interview.

8. Certified students whose cumulative gpa or gpa in mathematics courses numbered 171 and above falls below 2.0 for two consecutive semesters, or who are academically deficient, are subject to decertification.

9. Applications for recertification are handled in the same manner as certification applications for those previously denied.


Mathematics majors must complete the courses specified by one of the following options:

Actuarial Science Option

Required Courses: Math 360, 416, 423, 443, and one of 456 or 490 (Introduction to Stochastic Calculus. Suggested Courses: ACCTG 230 and 231, ECONS 101 and 102, FIN 325 and 350, and MATH 448 provide additional background for actuarial exams. MATH 499 (1-2 credits) provides additional preparation for the first two actuarial exams. Note: A minor in Business Administration is required if you plan to take FIN 325 and 350.

Applied Mathematics Option

Required Courses: In addition to the core requirements, at least four upper-division courses in mathematics that form a coherent program within the Applied Mathematics Option. These courses must be approved by your advisor.

Theoretical Mathematics Option

Required Courses: Four of: MATH 302, 303, 325, 415, 441 and 453.

Secondary Mathematics Teaching Option

See separate schedule of studies below.

First Year
First TermCredits
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab4
MATH 171 [QUAN]4
Second TermCredits
CPT S 121 or 2513 or 4
Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS]3
MATH 1724
MATH 220 or 2302 or 3
Social Sciences [SSCI]13
Second Year
First TermCredits
Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS], Humanities [HUM], or Social Sciences [SSCI]13
MATH 2732
MATH 300 [M]3
Second TermCredits
Diversity [DIVR]3
MATH 3013
MATH 3153
MATH 3603
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
ENGLISH 402 [WRTG], or Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
MATH 4203
MATH Option Course23
Second TermCredits
Humanities [HUM]3
MATH 3981
MATH 421 [M]3
MATH Option Course23
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
Integrative Capstone [CAPS]3
MATH 401 [M]3
MATH Option Course23
Second TermCredits
MATH 402 [M]3
MATH Option Course23

1Actuarial Science Option students should take ECONS 101, 102.
2Mathematics Options: Required option courses include: 1) Actuarial Science – MATH 416, 423, and 443; 2) Applied Math – a) MATH 364 and two of MATH 325, 416, 448, 453, 456, or 466; or b) CPT S 122, MATH 364, 448, and one of MATH 416, 440, or 466; or c) three of MATH 340, 415, 440, 448, and 486; 3) Theoretical Math – Three of MATH 302, 325, 403, 415, 441, or 453.

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