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Wine Business Management

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Wine Business Management (121 Hours)

First Year
First TermHours
Biol 120 [B] (GER)4
Chem 101 [P] (GER)4
EconS 101 [S] or EconS 102 [S] (GER)3
Engl 101 [W] (GER)3
HBM 1821
Second TermHours
Chem 102 [P] (GER) 4
ComSt 102 [C], ComSt 235 [C], or H D 205 [C] (GER)3-4
GenEd 110 [A] (GER)3
Math 2013
Soc 101 [S,D], 102 [S,D], or 150 [S,D] (GER)3
Second Year
First TermHours
Acctg 2303
GenEd 111 [A] (GER)3
Math 202 [N] (GER)3
MIS 2503
V E 1133
Second TermHours
Acctg 2313
B Law 2103
EconS 101 [S] or EconS 102 [S] (GER)3
Hort 2024
MgtOp 2154
Complete Writing Portfolio
Domestic/International Hospitality & Wine Internship
Third Year
First TermHours
Fin 3253
Fren 120 [H] (GER)3
HBM 3583
MgtOp 3013
Mktg 3603
Second TermHours
HBM 3813
Intercultural Studies [I,G,K] (GER)3
MgtOp 340 or MgtOp 4503
Mktg 477, P R 312, or Adver 3803
Pol S Elective3
Domestic/International Hospitality & Wine Internship1
Fourth Year
First TermHours
EconS 305, 323, or 4233
Entrp 4903
HBM 4943
I Bus 453 or Mktg 4823
Tier III Course [T] (GER)3
Second TermHours
Engl 402 [W] or 403 [W] (GER)3
FS 4223
HBM 3201
HBM 3503
MgtOp 491 or 4923
Domestic/International Hospitality & Wine Internship1

1The non-credit internships correspond to the 1,000 hours of work experience required by the School of Hospitality Business Management.

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