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Athletic Training Degree Program

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Athletic Training Degree Program (120 Credits)

The athletic training education program is currently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The athletic training major is designed to provide students with the necessary academic and clinical competencies required to be eligible for certification by the Board of Certification. All students majoring in athletic training will complete the kinesiology core, the athletic training major course work and a minimum of 1200 hours of clinical experience. Due to the intensity and availability of the clinical internship, the program admits a limited number of students. Acceptance into the athletic training education program (ATEP) is required to certify athletic training as a major and to complete the degree requirements for graduation.

Academic requirements for this application process include but are not limited to 1) a grade of C or better in MvtSt 262, Ath T 266, Ath T 267 and HF 263; 2) a minimum cumulative collegiate GPA of 2.75 or better including the current semester; and 3) current credentialing in CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer. Students are advised to consult with athletic training advisors early in their academic careers for specific application procedures. Transfer students are welcome to apply for admission into the clinical internship prior to their attendance at WSU. Transfer students desiring admission into the clinical internship program must have been accepted to WSU, have completed the prerequisite course work, meet academic requirements and be of sophomore standing. Applicants who do not meet the required 2.75 cumulative GPA requirement but have had a semester 2.75 GPA the last two semesters at WSU may complete the application process and be provisionally admitted into the ATEP. Transfer students will also have to show two semesters at WSU with a 2.75 GPA to be eligible. Clinical internship experiences combine the theory and management of sport-related injury/illness under the direct supervision of certified athletic trainers. The clinical experience is guided by progressive clinical competencies and technical standards that assess the student’s progress. A minimum of 1200 hands-on clinical experience hours are arranged over six consecutive semesters with a parallel educational cooperative partnership involving the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and several off-campus sites including clinical experiences at high school and sport medicine facilities. Students are expected to maintain high academic standards and demonstrate progressive clinical competence to remain a part of the ATEP. Please refer to the ATEP Handbook for additional policies and procedures governing the program experience.

Kinesiology Core courses required for athletic training, health and fitness teaching, and movement studies include: Ath T 311, HF 361, 484, MvtSt 199, 262, 264, 362, 380, 461, Biol 251.
First Year
First TermCredits
Chem 101 [P] (GER)4
Engl 101 [W] (GER)3
GenEd 110 [A] (GER)3
Math 105 or [N] (GER)3
MvtSt 1993
Second TermCredits
Ath T 2663
Ath T 2671
Biol 102 [B] or 106 [B] (GER)4
GenEd 111 [A] (GER)3
HF 2632
MvtSt 2624
Apply to Clinical Internship
Second Year
First TermCredits
Ath T 2703
Ath T 2912
Ath T 3113
Biol 2514
FSHN 130 [B]3
Second TermCredits
Ath T 2713
Ath T 2753
Ath T 2913
ComSt 102 [C] (GER)3
MvtSt 2643
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
Ath T 3053
Ath T 364 [M]3
Ath T 3923
MvtSt 3623
Psych 105 [S] (GER)3
Second TermCredits
Ath T 3653
Ath T 3922
HF 3613
MvtSt 3133
MvtSt 3803
Soc 101 [S,D] (GER)3
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
Arts & Humanities [H,G] (GER)3
Ath T 469 [M]3
Ath T 4932
Psych 2653
Second TermCredits
Ath T 4932
HF 4843
Intercultural Studies [I,G,K] (GER)3
MvtSt 4613
Tier III Course (GER)3

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