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Materials Science and Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering (123 Credits)

Admission Requirements

To be admitted into the Materials Science Engineering major, students must have scored 83% or higher on the ALEKS math placement exam, or received a score of 2 or higher on an AP Calculus exam, or completed MATH 106 and 108 with a C or better, or completed MATH 171 or a higher-level calculus course with a C or better.

Transferring students must satisfy all of the above admission requirements. Students must earn a 2.6 GPA in transferred major courses and have earned a “C” or better in all transferred courses required for the MSE degree.

Benchmarks to Maintain Major in MSE Status

To keep their status as Materials Science Engineering majors, students must: (1) maintain 2.6 average GPA in major courses required for MSE degree, (2) obtain grade “C” of better in all courses required for MSE degree. No more than one repeat per course is allowed in all ME and MSE courses required for MSE degree.

Major courses required for MSE degree include all engineering and computer science courses, in addition to ME, MSE, physics, chemistry, and math courses listed in the schedule of studies.

Graduation Requirement

Receive a letter grade of C or better in all major courses.

Any further questions should be addressed to the Undergraduate Student Services office located in Sloan 205 or contact an MME academic advisor.
First Year
First TermCredits
CHEM 105 [PSCI]4
MATH 171 [QUAN]4
ME 1162
MSE 2013
Second TermCredits
CHEM 1064
MATH 1724
MSE 2023
Technical Elective13
Second Year
First TermCredits
MATH 2202
MATH 273 2
ME 2201
MSE 3163
UCORE Inquiry23
Second TermCredits
MATH 3153
MSE 2413
MSE 331, 332, or 33333
UCORE Inquiry23
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
MSE 3023
MSE 3213
MSE 3232
MSE 4133
STAT 3703
Second TermCredits
MSE 3183
MSE 320 [M]3
MSE 331, 332, or 33333
UCORE Inquiry23
Technical Elective13
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
ME 3123
ME 416 [CAPS]3
MSE Electives46
Second TermCredits
MSE 425; or MSE 488 and ENGR 4893
MSE Elective43
Technical Elective13
UCORE Inquiry23
Complete Exit Survey

1Technical Elective (Minimum of 9 credits, of which 3 must be upper-division or 500 level): Any upper-division CE, CH E, CHEM, CPT S, E E, MATH, ME, MSE, or PHYSICS course not used to fulfill other requirements (excluding ME 416), CE 211, and 215, EE 261, and 262, ME 212 and 216.
2Must complete 4 of these 5 UCORE designations: ARTS, BSCI, DIVR, EQJS, HUM.
3Choose two courses from MSE 331, 332, or 333.
4MSE Elective (9 credits): Any 300, 400, or 500-level MSE course except MSE 499 not used to fulfill other requirements.

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