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Digital Design (Pullman and Tri-Cities only)

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Digital Design (Pullman and Tri-Cities only) (120 Credits)

This option is focused on visual communication and adaptive methodologies in design for diverse communities. Students pursuing this option learn about methods and approaches in graphic design, multimedia design, content creation and information visualization using industry standard digital tools and platforms. This option also integrates static, moving, and interactive media theories, histories, and production to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary design field.

This option is available on the Pullman and Tri-Cities campuses. A student may be admitted to the DTC – Digital Design Option upon making their intention known to the department. This option requires 42 credits of major-specific coursework.
First Year
First TermCredits
DTC 101 [ARTS]3
English 101 [WRTG]3
Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN]1,23
Foreign Language, if needed, or Electives6
Second TermCredits
Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
DTC 2013
Foreign Language, if needed, or Electives1,26
Second Year
First TermCredits
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab34
DTC 206 [EQJS] or 475 [DIVR]3
Humanities [HUM]3
Second TermCredits
DTC 209 or 3543
Physical Sciences [PSCI] with lab34
Social Sciences [SSCI]3
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
DTC 3363
DTC 355 or 375 [M]43
Equity and Justice [EQJS] or Diversity [DIVR]53
Second TermCredits
DTC 301 [M]3
DTC Electives66
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
DTC 4363
DTC Electives66
Second TermCredits
DTC 497 [CAPS]3
DTC 498 or 47873
Senior Exit Survey

1Two years of high school foreign language or at least two semesters of college-level foreign language are required by the College of Arts and Sciences for graduation.
2Electives must include sufficient 300-400-level coursework to meet the University requirement of 40 credits of upper-division coursework.
3To meet University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements, students must take a [BSCI] course with lab and [PSCI] course with lab.
4Students who elect to take DTC 355 for this requirement will need to incorporate another Writing in the Major [M] course into their DTC Electives or General Electives.
5Depending on whether a student takes DTC 206 [EQJS] or DTC 475 [DIVR] for their degree requirement, they should take a UCORE option that fulfills the opposite requirement in their third year.
6DTC Electives (12 credits): Any DTC course not included in the degree requirements is eligible to be a DTC elective. One DTC elective course (3 credits) may be substituted by DTC 498 or 499.
7Students who elect to take DTC 478 need to have taken DTC 355 as a prerequisite.

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