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Spanish (120 Credits)

A minimum of 34 credits beyond the 203 level (or the equivalent level in competence) in the major language is required for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures. SPANISH 101, 102, and 203 do not count toward the major. Students who place into 102 and receive a B or better qualify for an additional 4 departmental advanced placement credits; students placing into 203 or above and receiving a B or better qualify for 8 departmental advanced placement credits. A maximum of 8 departmental AP credits is possible. See school for details.

Majors must complete either a minor in a second foreign language, a concentration of at least 16 credits in a related field, or a second major.

Students are admitted to the Spanish major upon making their intentions known to the School of Languages, Cultures and Race. However, no course in which a C- or lower grade is earned will be counted toward the major. 300-400-level courses taken pass, fail may not be included for credit toward the major. No course may be repeated for credit toward the major unless thus designated in the catalog. No course may count for both the major and the minor.

Majors and prospective majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester abroad, living in the target culture and enhancing their fluency. Many accredited study abroad programs are available; students should work with their advisers in the selection of a program.

Of the 34 credits required for the major, a minimum of 15 must be taken in residence with 6 of these credits at the 400 level. A maximum of 12 credits per semester or 18 credits per year earned in a study abroad program may be applied toward the major. Credits for SPANISH 105, 205, 305, and 405 may not be applied toward the major.

All majors must complete an exit proficiency examination during the semester in which they complete the last language course of their major. There is a fee charged for the exam.
First Year
First TermCredits
FOR LANG 101, 110, 120, 130, or 2203
MATH 103 (if needed) or Electives13
SPANISH 101, 102, 203 or Elective24
Second TermCredits
Equity and Justice [EQJS]3
Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN]3
SPANISH 102, 203 or Elective 24
SPANISH 105 or Elective1
Second Year
First TermCredits
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab34
Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
Social Sciences [SSCI]3
SPANISH 203 or Elective 24
SPANISH 205 or Elective1
Second TermCredits
Humanities [HUM]3
Physical Sciences [PSCI] with lab34
SPANISH 205 or Elective1
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
Diversity [DIVR]3
SPANISH Film/Literature/Culture Elective43
Electives or FOR LANG 440 if teaching major13
Second TermCredits
Arts [ARTS]3
SPANISH 305 or elective1
SPANISH Film/Literature/Culture Elective43
300-400-level Electives15
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
SPANISH 450 [M], 451 [M], 452 [M], or 453 [M]3
Second TermCredits
Integrative Capstone [CAPS]3
SPANISH 305 or elective1
SPANISH 408 [M]3
SPANISH 450 [M], 451 [M], 452 [M], or 453 [M]3
300-400-level Electives14
Exit Proficiency Exam

1Electives must be represented by a competence in a second foreign language up to and including 204; an approved university minor or a teaching minor; or a second major in another field.
2Student must meet proficiency requirement to enroll in SPANISH 204.
3To meet University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements, students must take a [BSCI] course with lab and [PSCI] course with lab.
4Approved SPANISH Film/Literature/Culture Electives include (two courses): SPANISH 310, 311, 320, 321, 350, 351, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, or as approved by advisor.

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