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Elementary Education Teacher Certificate

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Elementary Education Teacher Certificate (128 Credits)

Candidates for the undergraduate elementary education teacher certificate program will satisfy degree requirements of the Department of Teaching and Learning. The degree will be the Bachelor of Arts. The student should include the following course work within UCORE selections to satisfy prerequisite, degree, and admission to teacher preparation requirements. This course schedule does not include an add-on endorsement.
First Year
First TermCredits
H D 101 [SSCI]3
MATH 2513
MUS 153 [ARTS] or Arts [ARTS]3
Science Requirement14
Second TermCredits
Endorsement Course23
HISTORY 110 [HUM] or 111 [HUM]3
MATH 252 [QUAN]3
Science Requirement14
Second Year
First TermCredits
Endorsement Course23
ENGLISH 201 [WRTG], 301 [WRTG], or 402 [WRTG]3
POL S 101, ECONS 101, or ECONS 1023
Science Requirement14
TCH LRN 3013
Second TermCredits
Endorsement Courses26
Science Requirement14
TCH LRN 3073
Apply for admission to the major
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
TCH LRN 320 or 3213
TCH LRN 3523
TCH LRN 4021
TCH LRN 4452
TCH LRN 48333
Second TermCredits
Endorsement Course23
SPEC ED 420 3
TCH LRN 306 [M] or 322 [M]3
TCH LRN 310 [M]2
TCH LRN 3713
TCH LRN 4051
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
Endorsement Course 23
TCH LRN 3303
TCH LRN 3853
TCH LRN 3903
TCH LRN 4133
Second TermCredits
TCH LRN 41516

1Science Requirement – choose one of two options: Option 1) SCIENCE 101 [PSCI] and 102 [BSCI], plus two from: ASTRONOM 135 [PSCI], BIOLOGY 102 [BSCI] or 106 [BSCI], CHEM 101 [PSCI], PHYSICS 101 [PSCI], SOE 101 [PSCI], or SOE 110 [BSCI]; Option 2) SOE 101 [PSCI], and BIOLOGY 102 [BSCI] or 106 [BSCI], plus two from: ASTRONOM 135 [PSCI], CHEM 101 [PSCI], PHYSICS 101 [PSCI], SCIENCE 101 [PSCI], SCIENCE 102 [BSCI], or SOE 110 [BSCI].
2Endorsement Courses: Students seeking a BA in Elementary Education must complete at least 20 semester credits in an endorsable area. Some required coursework may be applied to the endorsement area. See Specific Subject area requirements.
3TCH LRN 483 must be completed prior to the Fourth Year.

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