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Biology - Education Option

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Biology - Education Option (120 Credits)

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Biology must fulfill the University and the College of Arts and Sciences requirements for graduation as described in the WSU general catalog. Admission to the major requires completion of 24 semester credits and 2.0 GPA.

Honors students complete honors requirements in place of UCORE requirements. The math and science components of those requirements are fulfilled as part of the School requirements described below. Other University requirements include: 120 total credits, of which 40 must be 300-400-level credits; the writing portfolio; and two writing in the major courses (identified by [M] in the course listings). The College of Arts and Sciences requires two years of high school foreign language or at least two semesters of college-level foreign language. Bachelor of Science degree options in Biology and Zoology require a minimum of 19 semester credits of core BIOLOGY courses (BIOLOGY 106, 107, 301, 370 [M] or 372 [M], and 395 or 403 or 405). An additional 21 semester credits of biological sciences coursework selected in consultation with your biology advisor is required. The 21 semester credits must include 15 upper division credits, six of which must be BIOLOGY courses taken in residence at WSU, one additional BIOLOGY writing in the major course (identified by [M] in the course listings), and one BIOLOGY Capstone course (identified by the [CAPS] in the course listings. An overall GPA of at least 2.0 must be maintained in all College and School requirements. A maximum of 4 credits of coursework that are graded S, F may be used toward fulfilling School requirements or program options, and no other courses taken S or P can be applied toward fulfilling School requirements or program options. Students must complete an exit survey. Students may not double major or take a minor in any combination of Biology, Zoology, or General Studies Biological Sciences.

Students completing this degree will earn a B.S. in Biology. In order to obtain teaching credentials in the State of Washington, students must complete additional requirements. Completion of the Master in Teaching (MIT) program at WSU will meet state certification requirements (for details, please see A 3.0 is the minimum GPA for admission to the MIT program at WSU. Students obtaining Biology Education Option would also be competitive for other post-baccalaureate teacher certification programs.

First Year
First TermCredits
Arts [ARTS]3
CHEM 105 [PSCI]14
Second TermCredits
CHEM 1064
ENGR 1202
Humanities [HUM]3
Second Year
First TermCredits
CHEM 3454
Diversity [DIVR]3
TCH LRN 3013
Foreign Language, if needed20 - 4
Second TermCredits
CHEM 370 or MBIOS 3033 or 4
Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
MATH 140 [QUAN] or 171 [QUAN]14
Foreign Language, if needed, or Electives23 or 4
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
Arts [ARTS], Humanities [HUM], or Social Sciences [SSCI]3
BIOLOGY 370 [M] or 372 [M]4
PHYSICS 101 or 2014
Program Electives34
Second TermCredits
PHYSICS 102 or 2024
TCH LRN 4653
Program Option Requirements43 or 4
Program Electives 34
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
STAT 212, 412, or PSYCH 3113 or 4
TCH LRN 467 [M]3
TCH LRN 4703
Program Electives 34
Second TermCredits
BIOLOGY 403 or 4053
Program Option Requirements 43 or 4
Program Electives or Electives33
Complete School of Biological Sciences Exit Survey

1MATH 106 may be taken as a pre-/co-requisite to CHEM 105 and other MATH courses. MATH 108 may also be needed.
2Two years of high school foreign language or at least two semesters of college-level foreign language are required by the College of Arts and Sciences for graduation.
3Beyond the core requirements (BIOLOGY 106, 107, 301, 370 [M] or 372 [M], one from 395, 403, or 405, BIOLOGY [CAPS] or HONORS 450), all biology majors must complete 21 semester credits of biological coursework including 15 upper-division credits, 6 of which must be a BIOLOGY prefix taken in residence at WSU. Approved courses include 200-400-level BIOLOGY courses except those used to fulfill core requirements, and any courses approved by advisor. A maximum of 4 credits of coursework graded S/F may be used toward fulfilling departmental requirements or program options and must be approved by advisor.
4Program Option requirements include one Biology Plant Elective (BIOLOGY 332[M], 401[CAPS], 409, or 420) and one Biology Animal Elective (BIOLOGY 322[M], 324, 423, 428, 432[M], or 438[M]. To obtain an additional general science endorsement students need to pass a general science exam (e.g., Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and Space science). Students may consider taking one or more of the following courses to prepare them for general science endorsement exam: ASTRONOM 135, GEOLOGY 102, 210.
5Students in Honors College complete HONORS 450 in lieu of a BIOLOGY [CAPS] course.

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