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Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering


The minor in Chemical Engineering requires a minimum of 16 credits. A minimum of nine credits must include 300-400-level coursework taken in residence at WSU or through WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses.  All courses used for the minor must be completed with a grade of C or better and no courses used for the minor may be taken with pass/fail grading. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required for all courses used for the minor.


Requirements include completion of:

  1. CHE 101 and CHE 201


  2. One 300-level, 3-credit course in thermodynamics from the following approved courses:   BIOENG 315, CHE 301, CHEM 331, ME 301, or another course with departmental approval


  3. One 300-level, 3-credit course in transport phenomena covering at least two modes of transport (e.g., momentum, mass, heat) from the following approved courses: BIOENG 310, CHE 310, ME 303 and ME 304 (must be taken together), or another course with departmental approval. (Note that fulfilling this requirement with ME 303 and 304 will satisfy only 3 credits toward the minor. Also, students who fulfill the transport phenomena requirement with ME 303 and 304 cannot use CHE 332 to fulfill the 6 additional credits below.)


  4. 6 additional credits of Chemical Engineering content from courses taken at the 300-, 400-, or      500-level. Note that courses may require prerequisites or departmental approval prior to              enrollment, and CHE 488, 489, 498, and 499 may not be used to satisfy this requirement.




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