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School of Hospitality Business Management

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School of Hospitality Business Management
Todd Hall 342

Director and Ivar B. Haglund Chair, and Scholarly Associate Professor, J. Harbour; Taco Bell Distinguished Professor, D. Gursoy; W. Terry Umbreit Distinguished Professor, H. J. Kim; Professors, M. Chen, C. Chi, R. Harrington; Founding Director for the Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living and Associate Professor, N. Swanger; Associate Professors, B. Chen, K. Philander, S. Seo; Tod & Maxine McClaskey Chair and Scholarly Associate Professor, J. Sandstrom; Associate Career Track Professor, D. Jha; Assistant Career Track Professors, M. Beattie, R. Hammond; Marriott Foundation Industry Relations Manager, A. Alonzo; Executive Chef and MHCIC Director, M. Morgan; Professor Emeritus, W. Terry Umbreit.

An integral part of the Carson College of Business, the School of Hospitality Business Management provides specialized instruction dealing with the major organizational, managerial, financial, and technical issues relative to operation of hospitality businesses. The school prepares graduates for managerial responsibilities both here and abroad. The curriculum provides a sound business education on the fundamental features in various segments within the industry. It includes courses in general education, business, and hospitality management. The program of study leads to a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management, with majors in hospitality business management, aging business management, or wine and beverage business management.

The Wine and Beverage Business Management program provides students with a comprehensive education tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic wine and beverage industry. This multifaceted program combines foundational business principles with specialized knowledge of wine, spirits, and other beverage industries, preparing students for diverse career opportunities in management, marketing, distribution, and service.

The Aging Business Management specialized degree program is tailored to the dynamic realm of hospitality operations catering to aging populations. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter future in aging-related hospitality, where every interaction leaves a lasting, positive impact.

The School of Hospitality Business Management will produce graduates who:

  1. Complete their 1000-hour industry requirement, earning employer evaluation scores of 80% or higher.
  2. Apply qualitative and quantitative hospitality business skills to solve problems.
  3. Identify service gaps and propose solutions for service recovery, while considering multiple stakeholders.
  4. As members of a team, through a group project, evaluate a hotel’s position and present acceptable findings and/or solutions considering the implications for multiple stakeholders.
  5. Gain deeper understanding of different cultures and business operations from these cultures, preferably through studying abroad.

Granger Cobb Institute for Senior Living 

Senior Living is a growing, dynamic industry where residents age 55+ make their homes in independent, assisted living, or memory care communities.  This model promotes active, social interaction among residents and their families, while providing a safe and caring environment.  Managers and professional staff make a positive difference for residents and enhance the quality of their lives on a daily basis.  This degree will prepare you for managerial and leadership positions in an industry that is nearly recession-proof.  It will position you in a growing industry, provide you with sound business fundamentals with a focus on hospitality operations, and provide you with a very rewarding work-life balance.


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