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Interdisciplinary Design Institute: Professors, N. Blossom, D. Wang; Associate Professors, J. Abell, K. Brooks, M. Cohen, J.McCoy, M. Melcher, R. Scarfo, ; Assistant Professor, J. Theodorson; Assistant Clinical Professor T. Beyreuther; Professor Emeritus, J. A. Thompson.

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The Interdisciplinary Design Institute, located on the Washington State University Spokane campus, is committed to leadership in developing the highest level of disciplinary and interdisciplinary instruction, scholarship, and public service. The Institute's philosophy recognizes these areas of emphasis as interdependent and reinforcing and seeks to foster creative interplay among them.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students from interior design spend time at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute in the third and fourth years of their programs learning together on design issues using both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. Undergraduate students in architecture and landscape architecture will complete their studies on the Pullman campus.

Graduate Students

At the Interdisciplinary Design Institute, students may pursue studies towards graduate degrees in Architecture (M. Arch), Interior Design (M.A.), Landscape Architecture (M.S.) and the Doctor of Design (D. Des). 

Graduate students explore advanced design theories, problem-solving techniques, methodologies, and individual research initiatives while pursuing their degrees.  Through opportunities and experiences at the Institute graduate students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to participate effectively as members of interdisciplinary design and research teams, and to advance the body of knowledge in their disciplines.

Doctor of Design

The Doctor of Design (D. Des) is intended to advance both the art and science of design within the philosophical and pedagogical framework of interdisciplinary inquiry, critical synthesis, and problem solving that bridges education, research, and practice. As a terminal doctoral degree, the D. Des is intended for persons who are well versed and professionally skilled in the design profession and who seek to make substantive, innovative, and original scholarly contributions to their fields. The D. Des is the only one of its kind in the State of Washington, as well as the western United States and Canada.


The Interdisciplinary Design Institute partners with the School of Architecture and Construction Management, the Department of Interior Design, and the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture to offer the following courses on the Spokane campus.

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