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Data Analytics - Physical Sciences Option

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Data Analytics - Physical Sciences Option (120 Hours)

First Year
First TermHours
CPT S 115 or STAT 1153
CPT S 121 or 1314
MATH 171 [QUAN]4
Second TermHours
CHEM 105 [PSCI]4
CPT S 122 or 1324
MATH 1724
Second Year
First TermHours
CPT S 2153
MATH 2202
MATH 2732
STAT 3603
Second TermHours
CHEM 1064
CPT S 3153
STAT 3803
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermHours
Arts [ARTS]3
CHEM 330 or Elective11
CHEM 3313
Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
CPT S 4513
STAT 412, 423, or ECONS 311 [M]3
Second TermHours
CHEM 3323
CHEM 3331
CPT S 4153
Humanities [HUM]3
Social Sciences [SSCI]3
STAT 4363
Fourth Year
First TermHours
Biological Sciences [BSCI]3
CHEM 334 [M]2
Diversity [DIVR]3
Foreign Language, if needed, or Electives3 or 4
STAT 4193
Second TermHours
Arts [ARTS], Humanities [HUM], or Social Sciences [SSCI]3
CPT S 424 [CAPS] [M] or STAT 424 [CAPS] [M]3
Foreign Language, if needed, or Electives6
PHIL 4503

1The University requires a minimum of 40 credits at the 300-400 level. CHEM 330 is recommended, but must be taken concurrently with CHEM 331.

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