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Construction Management (Pre-professional Program)

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Construction Management (Pre-professional Program) (31 Credits)

Construction management is a four-year program structured into one year of preconstruction management and three years of construction education.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is for those students who wish to work in the profession of construction management or in a management capacity in other facets of the construction industry.

Upon completion of the preconstruction management program requirements, or their equivalent for transfer students, application must be made for certification into the Construction Management program at the end of the first year.

All students admitted into the second year will be required to purchase laptop computers. Please contact the school for details and specifications.

Certification Requirements:

The School of Design and Construction has separate admissions and certification policies and procedures for its different degree programs. Admission to the Construction Management program will be considered for those who have qualified for admission to WSU and fulfill the requirements outlined below.

The undergraduate Construction Management program has a one-step screening process leading to certification. The screening process takes place between the first and second year. Qualified students will be certified at this time and allowed to take upper-level coursework as well as construction management courses. This limitation is imposed because of limited space, equipment and faculty resources. Students may transfer to the school during the two-year process or apply directly for second-year certification.

Application Requirements and Deadlines:

All second-year applications are due by May 1.

Grade records for transfer students for the semester or quarter must be available to the construction management coordinator before June.

The construction management coordinator reviews all applications and makes recommendation to the School of Design and Construction’s Admissions and Academic Affairs committee regarding applicants. Selection will be made on or about June 15; all applicants will be notified of their status by letter mailed from the School.

Course and GPA Requirements for Screening:

Because the School receives more applications from qualified students than can be accommodated, screening for entry into the second year is based on the applicant fulfilling the minimum requirements listed and the applicant's overall GPA. To be considered for admission, an applicant must:
  1. Qualify for admission into Washington State University.
  2. Complete the first year as listed herein under preconstruction management.
  3. Earn a grade of C or better in each of the following: COM 102 or H D 205; CST M 102; HISTORY 105; HISTORY 120 or 121, ECONS 101; ECONS 102; ENGLISH 101; GEOLOGY 101; MATH 171; and another course that meets a University Common Requirement (UCORE) other than those previously listed. For applicant screening, the highest grade will be used.
  4. Complete and submit an application to the Construction Management program by May 1.
  5. Maintain an overall minimum GPA of 2.5.
First Year
First TermCredits
COM 102 [COMM] or H D 205 [COMM]3 or 4
SDC 100 [ARTS]3
Second TermCredits
CST M 1022
ECONS 1023
HISTORY 120 [DIVR] or 121 [HUM]3
MATH 171 [QUAN]4

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