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Nursing (127 Hours)

Sixty semester hours are required in 300-400-level nursing major courses. Additional 300-400-level nursing or non-nursing electives may be required.

A grade of C or better is required in all prerequisite courses and nursing courses.

Criteria for admission to the 300-400-level nursing major include an overall cumulative gpa of 3.00 or higher and a cumulative gpa of 3.00 or higher in prerequisite courses. Responses to personal interview questions may be used as additional admission criteria.

Part-time schedule of study is available; see advisor.
First Year
First TermHours
CHEM 101 [PSCI]4
Diversity [DIVR]3
Quantitative Reasoning [QUAN]3 or 4
Second TermHours
BIOLOGY 102 [BSCI], 106 [BSCI], or 107 [BSCI]4
CHEM 1024
Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS]3
SOC 101 or 1023
Second Year
First TermHours
Humanities [HUM]3
MBIOS 1014
STAT 2124
Second TermHours
BIOLOGY 140 or 233 3
Communication [COMM] or Written Communication [WRTG]3
H D 1013
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermHours
NURS 3083
NURS 3114
NURS 3154
NURS 3162
NURS 3173
NURS 3282
Second TermHours
NURS 3093
NURS 3222
NURS 3232
NURS 3244
NURS 3255
Fourth Year
First TermHours
Integrated Capstone [CAPS]3
NURS 4083
NURS 4121
NURS 4143
NURS 4152
NURS 4163
NURS 4172
Second TermHours
NURS 4092
NURS 4243
NURS 4252
NURS 4262
NURS 4273
NURS 4303

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