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Viticulture and Enology

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Viticulture and Enology (122 Credits)

The Viticulture and Enology major was created for students interested in wine-grape growing and winemaking, as well as contributing to critical research and development opportunities in the wine industry. This program offers the technical, scientific, and practical experience needed to gain the essential skills for producing high quality grapes and premium table wines. It prepares students for successful careers in the wine industry in Washington and beyond.
First Year
First TermCredits
Chem 105 [P] (GER)4
Engl 101 [W] (GER)3
GenEd 110 [A] or 111 [A] (GER)3
Hort 1023
Math 140 [N] (GER)4
Second TermCredits
Biol 106 [B] (GER)4
Chem 106 [P] (GER) 4
H D 205 [C] or ComSt 102 [C] (GER)3 or 4
Hort 2024
Second Year
First TermCredits
Biol 120 [B] or 107 [B] (GER)4
Chem 3454
GenEd 110 [A] or 111 [A] (GER)3
V E 1133
Second TermCredits
Anth 203 [K] or Anth 309 [K] (GER)3
Arts & Humanities [H,G] (GER)13
EconS 101 [S] or EconS 102 [S] (GER)3
SoilS 201 [B]3
Stat 212 [N] (GER)4
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
Arts & Humanities [H,G] or Social Sciences [S,K] (GER)13
Biol 320, or Biol 318 and Biol 3194
MBioS 3034
Pl P 3002
V E 3133
Second TermCredits
Entom 34023
IPM 45232
MBioS 3053
Tier III Course [T] (GER)13
V E 4133
Third TermCredits
V E 399 or 4962
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
Specialization Electives46
V E 3263
V E 4091
V E 4653
Second TermCredits
Hort 4163
Hort 425 [M]3
Specialization Electives43
V E 4223
V E 435 or 4883

1One of the Arts & Humanities or Social Sciences courses [H,G,S,K], or the Tier III [T] course should be double-designated as a Diversity [D] course.
2ENTOM 343 can be taken as an alternative to ENTOM 340.
3IPM 201 can be taken as an alternative to IPM 452.
4Approved Specialization Electives courses include (9 credits): AGTM 315; BIOLOGY 421; CHEM 220/222; CROP SCI 305, 403; ECONS 351; ENVR SCI 486; FS 303, 416, 423, 460, 462, 470; FS/VIT ENOL 466; GEOLOGY 322, 323; HBM 350, 358, 480; HORT 251, 421 [M], 495, 499; MATH 140; MBIOS 301, 306; MKTG 360; PHYSICS 101; SOIL SCI 302 [M], 374, 414, 415, 441, 442, 468; or as approved by advisor.

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