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Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science

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Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science (120 Credits)

Students may be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree program in either the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Pullman), or in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Tri-Cities). Admission requirements are the same on all campuses, but the application process may vary.

Students are admitted to the Computer Science major upon demonstrating they are calculus-ready and making their intention known to the department. Calculus-ready is defined as having an ALEKS math placement score of 83% or higher; or completion of MATH 108, and 171 or a higher calculus course with a grade of C or better; or completing the Math AP with a score of 2 (places the student in MATH 171), or 3 (credit is given for MATH 171); or achieving an IB score of HL 5; or achieving a CLEP score of 50.

To remain in good standing students must complete CPT S 121, 122, and 223, or CPT S 131, 132, and 233, MATH 171, 172, 216, each with a grade of C or better, and earn a cumulative WSU GPA of 2.5 or higher upon completion of the above courses.

Alternate Pathway:
Completion of ALL standard pathway benchmarks and additionally: ENGLISH 101 or 105, CPT S 260, and MATH 273 or 301, all with a grade of C or better, and a 2.5 cumulative WSU GPA (or transfer GPA if no WSU GPA exists).

No courses listed in this schedule of study may be taken on a pass/fail basis. With the exception of CPT S 488, 489, and ENGR 489 all listed E E and CPT S courses, required electives, and prerequisites to these courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.
First Year
First TermCredits
CPT S 121 or 13114
MATH 1714
PHIL 201 [QUAN]3
UCORE Inquiry23
Second TermCredits
CPT S 122 or 13214
MATH 1724
MATH 2163
UCORE Inquiry23
Second Year
First TermCredits
CPT S 223 or 23313
CPT S 2603
Minor Elective33
STAT 212 or 3603 or 4
UCORE Inquiry23
Second TermCredits
Biological Sciences [BSCI] with lab44
CPT S 3553
MATH 2202
Physical Sciences [PSCI] with lab44
Complete Writing Portfolio
Third Year
First TermCredits
CPT S 322 [M]3
Minor Electives (choose two)35 or 6
Science Elective (with lab)44
Second TermCredits
300-400-level Minor Elective33
CPT S 3023
CPT S 3173
CPT S 360 or 37014
Science Elective43
Fourth Year
First TermCredits
300-400-level Minor Elective33
CPT S 3273
CPT S 3503
CPT S 421 53
UCORE Inquiry23
Second TermCredits
300-400-level Minor Elective33
Advanced CPT S Electives (choose two)66
CPT S 423 [CAPS]53
Complete CPT S Exit Interview and Survey

1Students may choose between a C/C++ (CPTS 121, 122, 223, 360) path or a Java programming (CPTS 131, 132, 233, 370) path. Students should stick to one path option. The Java track is not available in Tri Cities.
2Must complete 4 of these 5 UCORE designations: ARTS, DIVR, EQJS, HUM, SSCI.
3Elective credits may include a minor program. Completion of a minor is strongly encouraged.
4Science electives: A minimum of 15 credits required. Must include a year-long sequence (two semesters including a laboratory in each semester) of [BSCI] or [PSCI], and two additional science courses, one of which must have a laboratory component. Electives include BIOLOGY 106, 107; CHEM 101, 102 or 105, 106; PHYSICS 101/111, 102/112 or 201/211, 202/212.
5Consult with an advisor at campus of residence for allowed substitutions.
6Advanced CPT S Electives: 6 credits required. These credits must be in 300- or 400- or 500-level CPT S courses and they must include at least one of the following courses: CPT S 315, 415, 451, 471, or 475. A maximum of 3 credits from CPT S 490 and 499, or 3 credits from CPT S 488 or 499 may be selected as CPT S electives. Consult with advisor at campus of residence for course choices.

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