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Culinary Business Certificate

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Culinary Business Certificate

The Certificate in Culinary Business is an 18-credit undergraduate program that can be taken along with a major in another field, or as a stand-alone educational experience. The certificate is ideal for professionals working in culinary, hospitality or food-related fields who require in-depth knowledge of culinary arts and science applied to food business settings and entrepreneurial activities. Students develop knowledge and skills that are applicable to industries and businesses involved in artisanal food, culinary activities, food and beverage endeavors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Acceptance into the certificate: Students are required to provide evidence of sufficient culinary foundations skills and experience based on a review of the Culinary Business certificate acceptance committee. Examples of culinary foundations that will be assessed include areas of knife skills, basic food safety and sanitation, food preparation knowledge, soups/stocks/sauces, baking and pastry, garde manger, etc.  These skills will be assessed from the student’s experience and participation in qualified culinary programs.  Students lacking these foundational skills can obtain them through the completion of HBM 258 and HBM 298 or 498, modules within the ACF/WSU culinary arts program, or other approved source.
Business majors wanting to complete this certificate are also required to have sufficient culinary foundation skills as well as to complete at least 6 hours of coursework not included in the requirements for their degree plan.

Requirements: 9 core credits from HBM 301, 358, 384, 458, 490, 493, 494; 3 experiential learning credits from FS 201, HBM 350, 496; 6 elective credits from ENTRP 485, 490, HBM 381, 480, or as approved by committee.



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