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Water Resources Science and Management

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Water Resources Science and Management

The Certificate in Water Resources Science and Management, administered by the School of the Environment, is an interdisciplinary certificate for students interested in water resources. The certificate includes 15 credits and an experiential requirement. Students must complete a minimum of one course from each of four water cluster areas listed below. Courses listed under more than one cluster area will not count toward two cluster areas simultaneously. Note that listed courses may require prerequisites. To ensure an interdisciplinary experience, selected courses must represent two or more different subject areas. A final grade of “C” or better is required for each course applied to the certificate and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better is required for the certificate program as a whole.


  1. Subsurface and Surface Hydrology: CE 351, 402, 460, SOE 250, 303, 315, 463, SOE/CE 475, SOIL SCI 414;

  2. Water Chemistry/Ecology/Biology: AGTM 315, BIOLOGY 390, 465, 469, BSYSE 554, CE 341, 418, SOE 275, 280, 411, 412, 463, 465, 476; 

  3. Water Methods & Analysis: CE 315, 341, 351, 407, 415, 416, 418, 419, 442, 450, 451, SOE 311, SOIL SCI 468;

  4. Water Policy & Management: CE 405, 456, CROP SCI 360, ECONS 330, 430, 431, HISTORY 324, SOC 331, 332, SOE 461; 


Experiential Requirement: In addition to the course requirements described above, the certificate also includes an experiential requirement of required attendance at a minimum of three water-related activities hosted by the certificate program. Participants in the program are required to attend Water Meeting and Social and Water Research Center Invited Lecture Event, both of which are conducted every Fall and Spring semester. Additional activities that may fulfill the Experiential Requirement include: field trips, documentary film screenings with discussion, and water-related internships. These additional activities require committee approval and/or competitive application.

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