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Comparative Ethnic Studies (CES)

220 [HUM] [H,D] Introduction to Multicultural Literature 3 Survey of multicultural literature including European American, African American, Asian American, Chicana/o, and Native American authors. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 220, ENGLISH 220).

235 [H,D] African American History 3 History of African Americans in the US with emphasis upon major themes of the Black experience. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 235, HISTORY 235, WOMEN ST 235).

235 (Effective through Summer 2016) [H,D] African American History 3 History of African Americans in the US with emphasis upon major themes of the Black experience. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 235, HISTORY 205, WOMEN ST 235).

300 [DIVR] [S] [M] Intersections of Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality 3 Course Prerequisite: CES 101, 201, SOC 101, WOMEN ST 101, or 201. Intersections between race, class and gender through case studies; experiences in interdisciplinary methods. (Crosslisted course offered as WOMEN ST 300, CES 300, SOC 300).

304 (Effective through Summer 2016) [DIVR] [H,D] American Roots: Immigration, Migration, and Ethnic Identity 3 An analysis of immigration to migration within the US including political and social consequences and the experiences of ethnic groups since the early 19th century. (Crosslisted course offered as HISTORY 314, CES 304).

313 [HUM] [G] Asian Pacific American Literature 3 Asian American fiction, drama, poetry, and other arts, 1900 to present; impact of Asian/Pacific American culture and experience upon these works. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 313, ENGLISH 311).

331 [G] African American Literature 3 Introduction to major issues and major works in the African American literary tradition. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 331, ENGLISH 321).

332 [M] Topics in African American Literature 3 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 6 hours. Trends and major writers. (Crosslisted course offered as ENGLISH 322, CES 332).

335 [SSCI] [S] Black Freedom Struggle 3 Historic exploration of black resistance focusing on nationwide movement that developed following World War II. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 335, HISTORY 313).

353 [G] [M] Chicana/o - Latina/o Literature 3 Chicana/o and Latina/o literature, narrative, novel, autobiography, poetry, short story, and drama. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 353, ENGLISH 345).

375 (Effective through Summer 2016) [DIVR] [K] North American Indian History, Precontact to Present 3 Traces American Indians from precontact to the present against the backdrop of sovereignty, treaty rights, and trust responsibility. (Crosslisted course offered as HISTORY 308, CES 375). Cooperative: Open to UI degree-seeking students.

376 (Effective through Summer 2016) [SSCI] [K] America Before Columbus 3 Cultures and environments of North/Middle America from the arrival of the earliest hunter-gatherers to the complex Mayan and Aztec civilizations. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 331, CES 376). Recommended preparation: ANTH 101.

377 [K] Native Peoples of North America 3 A culture history/culture area study of native North America. (Crosslisted course offered as ANTH 320, CES 377).

403 [T,D] Cultural Issues in Psychology 3 Multidisciplinary analyses of the relationship between social-ecological and political contexts and individual and collective psychology. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 403, PSYCH 403).

405 [CAPS] [T] Cultural Criticism and Theory 3 Course Prerequisite: Junior standing. Major critiques and theories of colonialist and imperialist formations of culture. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 405, ENGLISH 410).

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