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International Business

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International Business(120 Hours)

Preparation for careers with multinational corporations, governmental and intergovernmental agencies both domestic and international. Students must complete 9 credits of foreign study except for students studying at WSU who reside outside the US and who attended at least one year of secondary school in a foreign country. One year of foreign language is required except for non-native speakers of English from outside the US who may substitute satisfactory TOEFL scores. Bilingual Americans may substitute satisfactory ETS scores or certification by a WSU faculty member who is a native speaker of the target language.

Graduation Requirements
A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all Carson College of Business (CCB) courses required for the major is required for graduation. The calculation will only count WSU business courses that are taught by the CCB including HBM courses. Economic Sciences courses or any other courses outside the college are not included.

International Business majors are required to complete a minimum of 9 upper-division business courses in residence. Students within the College of Business must complete an International Learning Requirement option, see catalog for more information.

First Year
First TermHours
Biological Sciences [BSCI] or SCIENCE 101 [SCI]13 or 4
ECONS 101 [SSCI] or 102 [SSCI]3
Humanities [HUM]3
MATH 20123
Second TermHours
ECONS 101 or 1023
MATH 202 [QUAN]33
MIS 2503
Physical Sciences [PSCI] or SCIENCE 102 [SCI]14 or 3
Second Year
First TermHours
ACCTG 2303
Creative & Professional Arts [ARTS]3
Diversity [DIVR]3
Non-Business Electives52
Second TermHours
ACCTG 2313
B LAW 2103
COM 102 [COMM] or H D 205 [COMM]3 or 4
MGTOP 21564
POL S Elective3
Complete Writing Portfolio
Consider studying abroad this summer7
Third Year
First TermHours
Foreign Language 84
Study Abroad99
300-400-level I BUS Elective 10,113
Second TermHours
FIN 3253
I BUS 3803
MGMT 3013
MKTG 3603
300-400-level Business Electives123
Fourth Year
First TermHours
Foreign Language 84
I BUS 415 [M]3
MGTOP 3403
Non-Business Electives 53
Second TermHours
ECONS 327, 427, or I BUS 4703
MGMT 491 [CAPS] or ENTRP 492 [CAPS]3
300-400-level Business Electives123
300-400-level I BUS Elective10,113


1For a total of 7 credits—one Biological Science [BSCI] and one Physical Science [PSCI] course, including one lab course, or 8 credits of [SCI] designated courses. (SCIENCE 101 [SCI] is offered Fall semester and is a prerequisite for SCIENCE 102 [SCI], which is offered Spring semester.)
2MATH 201 will be waived with the completion of MATH 202 or equivalent.
3Alternative to MATH 202 is MATH 171, 140 or 206.
4Required for the major.
5Non-Business courses to equal 60 credit hours.
6MATH/STAT 212 will be accepted as alternative to MGTOP 215 for transfer students.
7All students must complete an international learning requirement. Options for meeting the requirement include: 1) earn 6 or more credit hours through the Education Abroad program; 2) complete an additional major or minor in foreign language, global studies, or international business; or 3) earn a certificate in a global related field (as approved by advisor). An alternate option for completing the international learning requirement is to complete any 2 of the following requirements: 1) a minimum of 3 semester hours of Education Abroad; 2) International internship (as approved by advisor); 3) any 300-400-level IBUS course (excluding ENTRP 492), ACCTG 420, ECONS 327, FIN 481, IBUS 380, 415, 416, 435, 453, 470, 482, MIS 441, or other Carson College of Business international course approved by advisor; 4) non Carson College of Business international course. Approved courses include: AFS 336, AMDT 413, 417, ANTH 301, 306, 307, 309, 312, 316, 317, 320, 330, 350, 370, 402, 404, 405, 417, 418, 450, 463, 469, ARCH 428, ASIA 302, 314, 315, 373, 374, 475, 477, 479, BIOLOGY 401, CES 301, 325, 372, 377, 379, 380, 401, 405, 421, 426, 446, 470, COMSOC 321, 421, CRM J 405, CROP SCI 360, ECONS 427, 428, 430, 433, 453, ENGLISH 373, 410, 457, ENVR SCI 335, 410, FINE ART 302, 331, FOR LANG 410, GEOLOGY 390, H D 350, 403, HISTORY 331, 373, 374, 419, 426, 436, 464, 466, 473, 475, 477, 479, 491, 492, 494, 495, HUM 350, NATRS 300, 312, PHIL 314, 315, 435, POL S 314, 418, 424, 427, 435, RUSSIAN 410, SOC 331, 332, 375, 415, 418, SOIL SCI 360, TCH LRN 480, 487, WOMEN ST 316, 332, 340, 406.
8One year of Foreign language beyond high school level. May be taken as part of study abroad. Non native English speakers and bilingual students should check with department regarding this requirement.
9Study Abroad coursework may also be taken during summer.
10May be taken as part of study abroad.
11I BUS Electives must include one [M] course. Approved electives are: ACCTG 420, ECONS 327/ I BUS 470, ENTRP 492, FIN 481 [M], I BUS 416 [M], 435, 453 [M], 482 [M], 496, and MIS 441.
12May not include courses from the business administration core, the set of required I BUS courses, or any 498 or 499 courses.
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